The Exit

Produced in collaboration with Cliff Dweller.

Direction and Visual Effects by Stephen Pagano
Music and Sound Design by Ari Balouzian

Haim - "My Song 5"

Directed by Dugan O'neal
Visual Effects/Titles by Stephen Pagano

Washed Out - Weightless

Directed by David Altobelli
Visual Effects/Compositing by Stephen Pagano
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Arcade Fire - Here Comes the Night Time

Directed by Roman Coppola
Opening Titles by Stephen Pagano

Watch the full show here

Art Bound - Metralleta De Oro

Produced for KCET's television series Art Bound.

A short documentray on Metralleta De Oro, a trio of young Mexican American DJs who specialize in Sonidero, an extremely rhythmic sub-genre of the Mexican, Central and South American cumbia genre notable for its thumping repetitive bass lines.

Directed and Edited by Stephen Pagano
Produced by Anna Rau and Corbett Jones @ From The Range
Photography by Corbett Jones

Executive Produced by Juan Davis
Produced by Matt Crotty

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